Monday, August 07, 2006

The First Steps

So yesterday I spent the afternoon giving the Marin a Wash and Polish. Gotta say except for a few scratches it came up pretty good. So this afternoon I road it over the 6 or 7 k's to Shane at Bikes at the Basin where we started to transform the Marin to a commuter. First off every commuter bike needs Mudguards. Even though it wasn't raining today the recent rain had left streams of water across the bike path and as a result on the ride over my back got wet and I ended up riding on the drier road, so on went a set of full steel mudguards. Then we added a stand and bell. The piece de resistance was the Leather "Bell" Saddle that Shane had salvaged from an old bike. Hmm not bad at all. I was a bit worried that the steel mudguards would rattle but the bike remained whisper quiet on the way home.

Next things is to organise some sort of rack. I was tempted to use a front basket but Shane was against the idea since it would interfere with gutter jumping etc. What do you think?

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